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Novel Sounds is an intellectual startup business which covers the Middle Eastern and north African region.
We at Novel Sounds have the know-hows and skills of traditional publishing and music production companies. Our team of professionals do the utmost to support authors, graphic designers, illustrators, singers, musicians and composers, helping them in the publishing, production and promotion process.

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Book Publishing


Editing and Proofreading


Press releases , online advertising

E-book and Print Publishing

Marketing and Promotion

Educational activities

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Publishing Options

CHoose what suits for you

  • Author submits the manuscript (typewritten)
  • Platform covers layout costs
  • Platform covers the costs of illustrations
  • Platform markets the book in the form of an e-book for download
  • Platform markets the book in the form of a printed book
  • Platform offers the book to booksellers
  • Platform promotes the book through various marketing channels

Featured books

Captivating Creations: Our Featured Collection

Featured tracks

Captivating Creations: Our Featured Collection

why choose us

Publication and Pricing

1. Guaranteed Publication: Ensure your work is published within a short timeframe.

2. Affordable Pricing: Benefit from low sales prices to encourage book purchases.

3. Promotional Discounts: Take advantage of one-off discounts to boost your book's promotion.

4. User-Friendly Platform: Enjoy easy navigation and accessibility for both authors and readers.

Author Involvement and Support

1. Production and Promotion Support: Receive assistance with both the production and promotion of your book.

2. Flexible Fees and Revenue Sharing: Enjoy flexible fee structures and revenue-sharing models tailored to your needs.

3. Comprehensive Analytics: Gain access to detailed analytics and insights into your book's performance.

Translation and Multimedia

1. Multimedia Integration: Integrate multimedia elements and interactive features into your book.

2. Payment Integration: Easily integrate with all payment methods for seamless transactions.

3. Unlimited Storage: Store your PDF files with unlimited space, ensuring accessibility and convenience.

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